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Oklahoma Cup Awards


Who Deserves to Be Recognized?

The Oklahoma Cup is designed for the Oklahoma cannabis community as a way of bringing attention and recognition to those who have put in the work to make our community what it is today.

Brands / Companies

The brand & company awards recognize the companies who have excelled in a variety of ways from creating the best logo, engaging the community most effectively, etc…  

People / Personalities

The people/personality awards are designed to recongize the most deserving roles of the people in our community including the top industry attorneys, patient activists, and more.

Product Favorites

The product awards give recognition to our community’s favorite products.  Who grows your favority flower, makes the best gummies, CBD lines, drinks, etc…? Let us know!


 Vote for your favorites!

The Oklahoma Cup provides a unique exposure opportunity for the most-deserving brands and people who have helped this community become what it is today.

Help us recognize those who most-deserve the awards by voting via the button below.   The most-nominations will proceed to the final vote, which will be used to select the ultimate winners of each award - recognizing them in front of the entire community.   We will accept 1 submission per person.